Monday, November 28, 2011

Far Far away.

Baby. I seriously miss you. like the title i'll walk a thousand miles just to see your face. Even do your far far away just to see you smile again. Maybe words wont mean much but i hope these pictures do remind you this...


i miss you whole heartly.
with love, D

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

wondering whats wrong with myself

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great weekend but terrible start of the week.

baby came back last weekend. currently missing her so much with all the downs instead of ups this week. she's my lucky charm and without her, the world can turn upside down. we had a lovely weekend together and time flew too fast =\ now she's back in kl..
officially missing you more ):
i wish we had more time back here. enjoyed every tiny bit of our moments together
=) love you much!

-last night a baby left. literally a baby my mom takes care of. her name is ying ying . she's adorable. she came in when she was a lil kid . i meant few weeks old till now she's about 1year plus if im not mistaken. she's cute really cute and playful. well take care little girl. High five with you next time.
She slept on my bed when no one was home.

-today. after waking up several hours some*bitch* came by to take my dog away. my toy poodle's leaving. sigh. despite the heartache and sadness. well i hope he gets a better life there. i miss you Chikaboo even do your naughty =\ *sniffs.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i miss you

i know your somewhere out there , somewhere far away i want you back.
i just want you back.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 years and still counting

I'm blogging this cause I appreciate our relationship and cherish it a lot ! More than you're gonna expect. When we started off , we were completely 2 people from a different dimension . Like i was the edge or north and she's the south . As me and her built this relationship of ours and get to adapt, we learnt so much about one another . Yes there was ups and downs major or minor you name it but we pulled through it . Until today , nobody like seriously nobody BELIEVES that me and my baby girl made it this far . But like the quotes I'll often use " expect the unexpected " and "nothing is impossible" , explains it all to everyone with doubts . Within this 2 years I've learned so much from her and yes i had several habits which is a downpour but with the help of this unique and very special person of mine , i've dealt with it :) I really often grab any chances or opportunity to just see YOU even if its just 5 mins or 30 mins. We spend so much time together every week by hook or crook we'll be with one another. You mean so much to me. your the best thing thats happened to me. like seriously. I love you so much. So dont argue with me so much alright ;) Happy 2 years Anniversary to you and me,love

I miss your smiles. *kiss kiss*

Monday, May 30, 2011


Kylie invaded Baby's room! LOL. this is how it was on her board! HAHA. Lovely and Cute ;)
This should be after class. I think my baby can be a Model !

This one down here , is her SLEEPING MOMENTS. See her staring? Actually Dreaming XD

Till here :)

Hair Cut for Chikaboo!

This is where i take Chikaboo for his HAIRCUT! 55 bucks but what to do. more expensive than me =\

this is him now on the sofa, weird looking but what to do.

When i was there, look at all these cut poodles! omg. colourful. hahaha

its a nice place and the people there are nice :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Took Baby V to the car wash! lazy to wash myself =P
it cost only like 8 bucks? wash and vacuum. not bad actually.




its a good job i would say. no harm trying for those who doesnt have much time washing their car in ipoh! its located opposite the MOBIL PETROL STATION in bercham . Inside the shell station on the right side.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have a new dog =) its CHIKABOO where did the name come from? hehe, search up for my GIRLFRIEND'S BLOG. Its called Chikaboo. so this should be our dog when we get married ! :P
i took him in last month. its a Toy poodle! damn sure cute and naughty too at times. here's picture of him when i took him in!

After shower =)

In my Room.

After peeing and all

this are all pictures when he came in the first time.
Will upload and blog more when he has his hair cut!

Friday, May 27, 2011


26th May 2011. BABY'S BIRTHDAY!
She thought i was really really ill till i couldnt make it to her birthday . Well at first i really couldn't and i was so scared that i'd miss it! Gulp. I visited the doc 4 days before her birthday it was 23rd of MAY 2011. I still remember i was vomiting my stomach out so badly. like WHAT THE FUCK? ITS MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY SOON WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME! So yeah i went and got like A WHOLE BAG FILLED WITH ANTIBIOTICS? O.O

Back to Baby's birthday.

25th May 2011. i told her i posted something to her few days back . Cause i won't be able to make it for your birthday . Sigh i had to LIE =X I went to cut my hair cause she said she missed my short hair er. On this day too, Sophia, Mich's friend from HELP. Texted me like she knew i was coming up which i was really going to . hehe. so k la we pakat pakat d. Settle! ngeh ngeh. i count down with my Baby this date till she's officially 18 ! OLD. i sang my favourite song to her. Thunder by Boys like Girls. We'll I admit I felt sad that i wasn't there to count down with her all we did was skype. And it was like so real that i wont be able to make it there. emo emo. then we hung on the phone for a while till she decided to call it an early night :)
Honestly i was very excited im gonna see you the next day!
26th May 2011. I woke up at 8 something to get ready and prepare myself. i got her flowers from ipoh and brought it up to kl as a simple gift. I ordered them a day ago thou . the shop owner was so kind! He made me a special one. I liked the idea he gave and im sure YOU loved the flowers. so i left Ipoh at 9.34am right when dad called me up. So there i go. vroom vroom. i can actually reach there at like by 12pm but her class ends at 2.30pm? so my god i left early to avoid any disturbance or unwanted stops. I reached about 12.30 at sungai buloh so imagine how slow i was going! haha. i made lots of pit stops thou. to chill and relax. then about 1.30pm i left sungai buloh to HELP UNIVERSITY. I was damn damn excited! hehe. the traffic wasnt that bad thankfully. so i reached there about 2.15pm . got a chocolate cake from secret recipe which she didnt had the chance to eat it. sadly. but its okay. All that matters was IM MADE IT THERE! Sophia was waiting at the underground path/stairs to bring me in . while the rest of them distract her from going anywhere. hehe. THEY TIED A PINK ribbon onto me D= so there i was a ribbon on my jacket , flowers in my right hand and cake on my left. they sang the birthday song as i came in and TADA! She screams like she was molested. while i was trembling cause i was nervous. I was REALLY REALLY NERVOUS but in a happiest way ;) she held onto me so tightly and said this is my best birthday present ever! Im happy I made it possible from impossible. After everything she thanked her friends quickly and they rushed to class . THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELPED ME ! Baby then went back to her apartments to change and get ready while i chilled at Chalk and Cheese about 20-25 mins. After that we head to Midvalley. Met up with Shas( i crashed his house that night) thanks so much bro! love you! Then we walked around. Wanted to catch a movie but then no correct timing so next time loh. Then we went into this pet store. so many animals. i scared baby few times with bugs ;p but it was fun. she wanted to buy Nemo a Nemo fish! haha. 10 bucks only. cheap I bought a jacket from Romp later on. Yay. leather jacket finally! i bought baby a white jacket too. well partially paid for her actually. hehe. will upload pictures when i got both jackets with me. The jacket was indeed very very nice. i love it so much. After all those walking and "window shopping" baby decided to pit stop at Delifrance. we had the tea time set meal and i had a bread i forgotten its name =X the food was good. baby enjoyed so did i . I liked all the songs there. Baby said Nah your favourite songs! hehehe. indeed it was. 7pm we left Midvalley to get Baby home and dressed up. So i changed clothes too nearby her apartments. I wore the Playboy Shirt she bought , shorts and shoes. Sexy (; We went to Bangsar's Chilli to celebrate her Party! Now done with the talking pictures to ANSWER !

Baby with the girls.

Baby with the Guys.

Kylie made it. Thank you :)

Me and My hot hot baby ;)

Happy birthday Dear Love. Love you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

woots! mission accomplished! wakkakaka. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!
baby. sorry im not there for you and not by your side. its uncomfortable and uneasy seeing you so sad and cry. sigh. its totally my fault i take the blame okay? i love you. im happy the song thunder still touched your heart i love you so much. our hearttooth is still there baby. right now your upset and moodless sigh and i cant do anything but to let you be alone.i feel so duper useless and fucked up but i wont say a word its your birthday i listen to you and kiss kiss you =) muah muah. love you always. im gonna sleep now. im actually very tired cause i took medication and all already one er baby. Oh one more thing. TUBE TUBE TUBE. remember okay. no more forget forget. tak suka you know if you lebih lebih. i *jealous* OKAY! anyway have a great birthday and be happy with the present you receive kay? i love you so much! goodnight baby love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hello . i know how much you blame me and hate me for everything. you try so hard to cover it up , but i still could see it right thru you. you can blame me or hate me cause i hate myself , blame myself and i am disappointed with myself even when i dont show it to you. im sorry i a disaster now. i know how much it hurts you. sigh. i can imagine it very clearly in my mind. when you read this , understand me please. i know its not easy i know so my love. i've posted something to you yesterday and it'll deliver tomorrow after class. its either in your hostel or college im not sure where it'll be dropped off. i know it wont do much , but yes i pray and hope it'll mean something to you . i love you

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i miss you =\

Monday, May 23, 2011

you ask me change my design i did! =D like it or not sayang?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

your there im here. 2 hours estimated. sigh
your reaching soon and im missing you. 207km away from you. /=
a great weekend with my baby =) too bad pictures are with her if not i can blog more. i miss her. she's on the way back to kl now with her sis. have a safe journey! abang rindu you! sorry we couldnt watch PNC. i'll make it up to you kay sygku? love you

Saturday, May 21, 2011


goodnight baby =)

Friday, May 20, 2011

baby's coming home today. i miss her so so much =\ i cant wait to hold you in my arms . hug you all over. and kiss your forehead! it has been a long tough week for us. and war's over . peace again. i miss you every minute . your being a pig now and im waiting for your text. cepat la babyku. i rindu you MICHELLE LEE! last night when you told me "that" thing. i guessed it already but i diam baby. cause cause you pretty ma sure got guys like lorh. how how? and when he "texted me" with his sarcasm and bullshits, he wrote |treat her good| and |back off| thats why i knew d. i will control my rage baby. for you i will but if he crawl over the border. i dont know la then. dont marah marah kay. teehee. i know i never will disappoint you lets make sure neither of us do that. i really really cant wait to have you back in my arms again dear. i rindu you giler okay!

i love you wifey.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

baby michelle. im sorry for everything i caused. this post is all about you dear. dont ever rush into decisions. we need and have to work together in everything now. take our hands together and face every obstacles to come. we now know how much we need one another and how much we mean to each other. your my diary baby. my life story. my world. lets do everything we can to tolerate one another and understand one another more. you cannot imagine how i felt when i thought i'd leave this world last night. i fight and fight but without you here last night i can honestly say i thought its the end. i really really want to thank you so much baby. everything about us flashed back when i suffered so much last night. every memories every moments every little detailed infos about our love. as the time passed away , all the trouble that we made. it never went away it made us learn more about us and grew us stronger. i really cannot afford to lose you baby. forgive me dear. tell me everything about my mistakes. its just days till your birthday and our big big anniversary. im happy we made it this far and we'll make it thru till the rest of our lifes! promiseee? i like how i manage to suprise you everytime! hehehe. like the weekend i travel to kl to see you. so unexpected right baby? muackkss! love you like crazyyyy. i know im not well now and that time too. take care of me and yourself baby. do eat and study hard. see me thru as i recover. i love you so much baby.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes,your perfect im not. but i do love the fuck outta you

Why are things getting out of control and best part cold ? A minor question can jump straight into a brawl of words? Things started evolving when you moved there . Where do I actually stand inside you? Am I still a priority? The only one? How come things seemed so different since you left? Sigh. I questioned I asked but no outcome . I still do "stalk" you and you tell people that your homesick and all , but to me? Nope you don't . Am I invisible? Am I meaningless? Well with this I got the rights to be selfish. There's more but I want you to do the thinking . Why when I speak to you gently and nicely you've to answer me fiercely and cold? What have I done to deserve all these? If I don't love you, I wont ask so much. I know its irritating but I truely deserve to know. Your words burnt my heart I admit. I never said that the relationship will be smooth . I remember telling this to you that it'll be bumpy and rocky. I said out clearly that it takes TWO TO CLAP but when I try to reach you, you pull back your palm. Why? You said I get jealous easily, then deal with it. I have the rights to be jealous cause I LOVE YOU FUCKING MUCH. Where do I stand seriously. This cannot , that cannot what else? You kept saying I didnt put myself in your shoes, tried mine yet? When you dont tell me things and just suddenly shoot them all out all in a blue? Once again, where do I stand? Why couldn't you just FORGET all the reasons why it wont work and BELIEVE THE ONLY REASON WHY IT WILL? Do you remember the days where we said that NOTHING CAN CHANGE US? Im not giving up but if you do read this, please please please do try to understand what Im trying to tell you. If Im a burden , do voice out. I'll know what to do. I just wanna fix things. Seeing you achieve happiness will make me happy. I love you so much , tell me how you want things to be.






Thursday, May 12, 2011

the picture says it all =)