Thursday, October 08, 2009

i coudlnt sleep , i thought of nothing else , i needed help
everyone was telling me that you've been moving on with someone else
but what we had was so special
i know i've hurt you and you are hurt me still

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

there's the light in the dark
where the sky splits apart
where the stars finds its way
all i thought is you shining out brightly
to shine in all the spaces in between
and its finally coming down to just you and me
tell me who've you been hiding??
i want to know
tell me what am i feeling?
well well, its hard to explain
you hesitate
who's to say that we'll be okayy.
i just want to see both to smilee
your walking out and i dont know if this can ever be the samee

Monday, October 05, 2009

you got him what nowww......

Saturday, October 03, 2009

endless misery

you used to talk to me like i was the only one around..
you used to lean on me like the only other choice was fallin down..
you used to walk with me like we had no where needed to go..
we used to have this under control we never thought we used to know..
i used to reached for you and got lost along the way..
i used to listen you always had the just right thing to say..
this time i wonder what it feels like
cause nobody wants to ever be the last one there..
and feel like someone cares..
someone to love with my life in their hands..
everyone wants to know their not alone.
tonight.. out in the streets , out in the moonlight
it's like a deja vu..
i'll be holding my own breath.. could this be the end??
off in the night while you live it up , im about to sleep..
baby your all that i ever wanted
when your lying here

once in your life you'll find someone there
who drives your world crazy
bring you up when your down
nothing could change what you meant
there was a lot i can say but now.. there's nothing left..
im hearing what you say but there's nothing i can say..
telling me that you needed me, then cutting me down..
but wait..
you tell me that you're sorry..
don't ever tell me your sorry when you're not..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

life's a bitch. the end