Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 years and still counting

I'm blogging this cause I appreciate our relationship and cherish it a lot ! More than you're gonna expect. When we started off , we were completely 2 people from a different dimension . Like i was the edge or north and she's the south . As me and her built this relationship of ours and get to adapt, we learnt so much about one another . Yes there was ups and downs major or minor you name it but we pulled through it . Until today , nobody like seriously nobody BELIEVES that me and my baby girl made it this far . But like the quotes I'll often use " expect the unexpected " and "nothing is impossible" , explains it all to everyone with doubts . Within this 2 years I've learned so much from her and yes i had several habits which is a downpour but with the help of this unique and very special person of mine , i've dealt with it :) I really often grab any chances or opportunity to just see YOU even if its just 5 mins or 30 mins. We spend so much time together every week by hook or crook we'll be with one another. You mean so much to me. your the best thing thats happened to me. like seriously. I love you so much. So dont argue with me so much alright ;) Happy 2 years Anniversary to you and me,love

I miss your smiles. *kiss kiss*

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