Thursday, May 19, 2011

baby michelle. im sorry for everything i caused. this post is all about you dear. dont ever rush into decisions. we need and have to work together in everything now. take our hands together and face every obstacles to come. we now know how much we need one another and how much we mean to each other. your my diary baby. my life story. my world. lets do everything we can to tolerate one another and understand one another more. you cannot imagine how i felt when i thought i'd leave this world last night. i fight and fight but without you here last night i can honestly say i thought its the end. i really really want to thank you so much baby. everything about us flashed back when i suffered so much last night. every memories every moments every little detailed infos about our love. as the time passed away , all the trouble that we made. it never went away it made us learn more about us and grew us stronger. i really cannot afford to lose you baby. forgive me dear. tell me everything about my mistakes. its just days till your birthday and our big big anniversary. im happy we made it this far and we'll make it thru till the rest of our lifes! promiseee? i like how i manage to suprise you everytime! hehehe. like the weekend i travel to kl to see you. so unexpected right baby? muackkss! love you like crazyyyy. i know im not well now and that time too. take care of me and yourself baby. do eat and study hard. see me thru as i recover. i love you so much baby.

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