Sunday, December 21, 2008

today was out with kris awhile then liyuan,amelia,peiyee,apple and tsusan then they left then danielle came =)
we walk around then go coffee bean.
pictures =D

on the phone with her bf. lol

looking at her

smile at not me . but i took a picture.

texting her bf

scolding me cause i talking about her bf.LOL

p/s dont scold me kay =)
we were watching stay alive , on friday . lol LIYUAN WAS SO SCARED. HAHAHAHa

before the scary part. then look below.

then she was scared.

even more scared.LOL

first the hair

then the hand! lol.

now the cup.

then closer

now even closer! LOL

Saturday, December 20, 2008

me =\ carrying their heavy handbags.

then again tuesday i went to look for liyuan again. i was bored. she was busy with apple singing in kbox jj. not bad singers. cehh. after that peiyee and amelia came . they decide to go to the fun park so we went. i was like a maid.LOL carrying their handbags as they ride and all. i ride discovery with liyuan she was crying .imagine that 0.0 she grabed my thumb and start piercing her finger nails on it. lol. pictures again.
first kbox.

then we walk over to fun park. lol

lastly . black canyon

then we went back =D .lol
i've been out lately.. more to with liyuan,peiyee,amelia and apple. i bump into liyuan last sunday she was with peiyee and peiyee's cousin.LOL. naughty fella i tell you power ranger freak. haha but cute la. his funny.then came along amelia and apple,i was with jonan so we joined from black canyon

there. pictures.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

promise me you'll always remember , you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem , and smarter than you think because there is no classes in life for beginners, right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult .
have been out often with jonan , danielle , emily and a few more.

the pictures . most of them.
emily almost cried. hahahha. i forced her into the trolley! you should see her baby face. LMAO! the next day jonan was desperate to go out with GIRLS . so i had danielle to bring along her friends more like her cousin's friends. we end up at olivenz of how they spell it for basically the whole evening till 9. playing cards and all, JONAN CHEATING! haha
after that we went to pick sueli up to go to night market. she ditch us for we know who. #$%^!
the following day. danielle wanted to go out but she's grounded! hahaha. then kris ask me out and bring jonan along. then i ask jonan go ahead cause i thought of going futsal , then danielle said she's coming out and say meet at jj. i was so screwed. jam jam jam. then jonan begged me go jj laaa. so i also said okay la fine. then KRIS TEXT SAYING IM ALONE ! jonan was in total panic la his fishy ma. so he rush all the way worrying about her. and finds out SHE WAS WITH JO ALL THE TIME AND BASICALLY he dint wanna talk to her no more. so he went god knows where with danielle leaving me behind with kris and jo. it was boring cause they dont talk much. kris was okay . jo was blaaa. then danielle looked for me with vtjen . ANd jonan was with suyen . suyen's gone thinner and cuter. haha =P then vtjen called her AHEM *ALVIN* LOL LOL . he came just for her. cehhwahhhhhhh! danielle then skipped tuition wo bad right. so me jonan and her end up thinking where to go . it's getting dark and yeh thanks to fishy he left his glasses at home. wth. so we went back to get it. my house to his. up down we searched. nope no where. at last it was on his bed when he rushed home to dump his dirty clothes. after that we went ebox. hhaaaaaaaa. yeah im broke totally =\ sad. dan went back at 10 . we stayed and became rockstars till 1. haha. after that me and jonan went back to water his plants i went to watch prison break ep10 :D we had chicken chop rice for dinner. haha. jonan and dan then kept texting ada chemistry yop! :P went back at 3 slept at 4 woke up at 8 go to work. i got prank at work. judith told me its was first 30 bucks perday and THE REAL PAY WAS 13 perday i was like what the hack?????! im outta here dude. went back then went out to parade sold me old books to get some cash =\ still broke la. f-u-c-k. then went out again. with jonan. and 2 more friends. went round to pick those bum up. lol. stupid emily la. house at one hutan area so hard to find. hHAHAHA.
then i warned dan not to fag well she did. and i said fag and i wont talk to you again . she challenge me right. so dint talk to her already. too bad =P so they fag at the rooftop i went around jj. bump into school mates. chitchat and end up in mph. reading mags.LOL. jonan kept calling and textin asking where you laa. i malas to reply lor. hehe. so i said enjoy with them i'll come later =P instead they came looking for me. and emily gave me the fuck look.
haha. funny. i went to the washroom and came back jonan said dan emo went up fag again ask me go look for her cause got 5 malay guys up there after rape her and shit. i was like yeah you go. lol. he went and emily stayed with me. she ask me to go also, their so annoying so i made a deal with her. she went to look for that BLUE SHIRT GUY SHE SAID WAS CUTE.hahha. i was suppose to act like her bf and say my gf's interested in you she wants to know you.LOL. but in the end daven came in the picture asking for emily . wth right. EMILY YOU PENGECUT!!!!!! =P so after that i told emily lets go look for jonan and her la. see see their at the bench talk talk talk so i biar the love bugs right =P takkan wanna disturb all. ngehh ngehhh. so i was with daven , chein and emily joking around and all. then dan dissapear . and daven went to watch twilight for the second time. gila babi. =P so left me jonan and emily they went karaoke i went to look for some futsal peeps. but it rain so cancel and they crashed jj i chill with them awhile then went to look for emily and jonan in kbox singing. haaha. im lazy to blog already.


*you ask for it sabs*