Friday, May 27, 2011


26th May 2011. BABY'S BIRTHDAY!
She thought i was really really ill till i couldnt make it to her birthday . Well at first i really couldn't and i was so scared that i'd miss it! Gulp. I visited the doc 4 days before her birthday it was 23rd of MAY 2011. I still remember i was vomiting my stomach out so badly. like WHAT THE FUCK? ITS MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY SOON WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME! So yeah i went and got like A WHOLE BAG FILLED WITH ANTIBIOTICS? O.O

Back to Baby's birthday.

25th May 2011. i told her i posted something to her few days back . Cause i won't be able to make it for your birthday . Sigh i had to LIE =X I went to cut my hair cause she said she missed my short hair er. On this day too, Sophia, Mich's friend from HELP. Texted me like she knew i was coming up which i was really going to . hehe. so k la we pakat pakat d. Settle! ngeh ngeh. i count down with my Baby this date till she's officially 18 ! OLD. i sang my favourite song to her. Thunder by Boys like Girls. We'll I admit I felt sad that i wasn't there to count down with her all we did was skype. And it was like so real that i wont be able to make it there. emo emo. then we hung on the phone for a while till she decided to call it an early night :)
Honestly i was very excited im gonna see you the next day!
26th May 2011. I woke up at 8 something to get ready and prepare myself. i got her flowers from ipoh and brought it up to kl as a simple gift. I ordered them a day ago thou . the shop owner was so kind! He made me a special one. I liked the idea he gave and im sure YOU loved the flowers. so i left Ipoh at 9.34am right when dad called me up. So there i go. vroom vroom. i can actually reach there at like by 12pm but her class ends at 2.30pm? so my god i left early to avoid any disturbance or unwanted stops. I reached about 12.30 at sungai buloh so imagine how slow i was going! haha. i made lots of pit stops thou. to chill and relax. then about 1.30pm i left sungai buloh to HELP UNIVERSITY. I was damn damn excited! hehe. the traffic wasnt that bad thankfully. so i reached there about 2.15pm . got a chocolate cake from secret recipe which she didnt had the chance to eat it. sadly. but its okay. All that matters was IM MADE IT THERE! Sophia was waiting at the underground path/stairs to bring me in . while the rest of them distract her from going anywhere. hehe. THEY TIED A PINK ribbon onto me D= so there i was a ribbon on my jacket , flowers in my right hand and cake on my left. they sang the birthday song as i came in and TADA! She screams like she was molested. while i was trembling cause i was nervous. I was REALLY REALLY NERVOUS but in a happiest way ;) she held onto me so tightly and said this is my best birthday present ever! Im happy I made it possible from impossible. After everything she thanked her friends quickly and they rushed to class . THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELPED ME ! Baby then went back to her apartments to change and get ready while i chilled at Chalk and Cheese about 20-25 mins. After that we head to Midvalley. Met up with Shas( i crashed his house that night) thanks so much bro! love you! Then we walked around. Wanted to catch a movie but then no correct timing so next time loh. Then we went into this pet store. so many animals. i scared baby few times with bugs ;p but it was fun. she wanted to buy Nemo a Nemo fish! haha. 10 bucks only. cheap I bought a jacket from Romp later on. Yay. leather jacket finally! i bought baby a white jacket too. well partially paid for her actually. hehe. will upload pictures when i got both jackets with me. The jacket was indeed very very nice. i love it so much. After all those walking and "window shopping" baby decided to pit stop at Delifrance. we had the tea time set meal and i had a bread i forgotten its name =X the food was good. baby enjoyed so did i . I liked all the songs there. Baby said Nah your favourite songs! hehehe. indeed it was. 7pm we left Midvalley to get Baby home and dressed up. So i changed clothes too nearby her apartments. I wore the Playboy Shirt she bought , shorts and shoes. Sexy (; We went to Bangsar's Chilli to celebrate her Party! Now done with the talking pictures to ANSWER !

Baby with the girls.

Baby with the Guys.

Kylie made it. Thank you :)

Me and My hot hot baby ;)

Happy birthday Dear Love. Love you.

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