Thursday, May 26, 2011

woots! mission accomplished! wakkakaka. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!
baby. sorry im not there for you and not by your side. its uncomfortable and uneasy seeing you so sad and cry. sigh. its totally my fault i take the blame okay? i love you. im happy the song thunder still touched your heart i love you so much. our hearttooth is still there baby. right now your upset and moodless sigh and i cant do anything but to let you be alone.i feel so duper useless and fucked up but i wont say a word its your birthday i listen to you and kiss kiss you =) muah muah. love you always. im gonna sleep now. im actually very tired cause i took medication and all already one er baby. Oh one more thing. TUBE TUBE TUBE. remember okay. no more forget forget. tak suka you know if you lebih lebih. i *jealous* OKAY! anyway have a great birthday and be happy with the present you receive kay? i love you so much! goodnight baby love.