Friday, May 20, 2011

baby's coming home today. i miss her so so much =\ i cant wait to hold you in my arms . hug you all over. and kiss your forehead! it has been a long tough week for us. and war's over . peace again. i miss you every minute . your being a pig now and im waiting for your text. cepat la babyku. i rindu you MICHELLE LEE! last night when you told me "that" thing. i guessed it already but i diam baby. cause cause you pretty ma sure got guys like lorh. how how? and when he "texted me" with his sarcasm and bullshits, he wrote |treat her good| and |back off| thats why i knew d. i will control my rage baby. for you i will but if he crawl over the border. i dont know la then. dont marah marah kay. teehee. i know i never will disappoint you lets make sure neither of us do that. i really really cant wait to have you back in my arms again dear. i rindu you giler okay!

i love you wifey.

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