Sunday, September 26, 2010

Every Little Thing You Do

let me know if you hear me, if you want to be near let me know. and i'll never let you go . love , when you ask what i feel i say love when you ask how i know i say trust . and if that's not enough it's every little thing you do. that makes me feel and fall in love with you. maybe there isn't a way i can show it to you ever since i've fall for you. it's every little thing you say that makes me feel this way there's not a thing that i can point to cause its every little thing you do. let's just feel what we feel cause sometimes it's the secret that keeps it alive but if you need a reason why, its your smile your laugh your heart your thoughts your understanding your careness your love. why i can't let go let me explain to you, that every little dreams comes true with every thing you do everything you are. it's everything you do everything. i'll be loving you forever my true love deep inside my heary you'll leave me never even if you took my heart and tore it into a million pieces i would still love you forever. your my sun my light . the last thing on my mind be4 i go to sleep at night. you're always around when im in need when trouble's on my mind your the one who puts my soul to ease. there's no one in this world who can and will love me like you do. we've had our fun we've made mistakes but who'd to guessed along that road. we give and take. your so much more than i could i dreamt. i pray that you'll never leave me cause this is the world where lovers often go astray but if we love each other we wont go that way so put doubts aside do what it takes to make it right no one can tear us apart. can't believe its over that you're leaving weren't we meant to be? should've sensed the danger read the warnings right there in front of me but i was blind . i wish we could just stop let's start over couldn't we get one more try? maybe tomorrow you'll say that you're mine . you'll realize i could change i'm gonna show you i'm in it for life! i'll get you back someday maybe tomorrow. i forgot to be there i was selfish i can see that now. i've should've held you when your tears fell down. just stop . doesn't it hurt seeing me beg? tell me that you'll stay wait a minute just to hear me out. turn around now your heart can't do what it takes can't let you walk away i'll do what it takes. there's so much i wanna say now i just wanna make a life with you,don't walk away. there's so much i wanna do now.
i just wanna spend my life with you.

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