Tuesday, August 10, 2010

things are up and down. currently i know you fear what might happened and all. i do too. i want to reconnect with you . i miss you honey bear i miss you. you know some say love is a hunger , an endless aching need. but i say love is the flower and YOU are the only seed. you say there's so many sorry to be said. but i dont seem to see a reason that you need to do so. the way you spoke to me last night was really sad. another day without your smile. another day just passes by but nothing much changes. and now i know how much it means for you to stay right here with me. i wanna grow old with you. i wanna die lying in your arms. i wanna be looking into your eyes. i wanna be there for you. sharing everything you do. i should have know that i was wrong in everything i do. they say you never miss the water until its gone. i guess i failed to love you the way you like? im sorry for the mess i caused its all by myself, me and me alone. i really do hope you could forgive me. i'll do anything i can anything you want and how you want it to be. i love you. im sorry forgive me. i really wish i could turn back time to where we were so sweet and loving. bear hugs holding hands kisses. i miss you dear. i asked you to decide because its important for you to choose what you want. im not a good boyf. not as perfect as you are. do i deserve your love baby? i hurt you so much. you had so many guys after you which you didnt tell me. i don't know why. why didnt you choose them but still stay with me? i've answered you why i chose you over her. guess its your turn? be true to me . i wanna know the truth . dont need to pity me or all. im sure they treat you better right? im not good enough never will be good enough. sigh i punch wall i drank beer i smoked alot just to forget the pain that makes me think that your leaving me. i miss you so mucch please come back. im sorry for what i did but i know its not enough. i think myself to sleep hoping everyday that passes by it'll be a better day for you and me. i know i messed up and screwed things up but i didnt want it that way all i want was honestly between you and me. and no secrets between i know your afraid to tell me things cause i'm sensitive but if we can live with the way of being honest and nothing between im sure we can be greater than ever and you wouldnt need any of those butterflies around you to make you feel happy. when everyone's getting out of bed im normally getting in it. sigh. but your the greatest thing about me.if it's love and we decide that forever no one else could do it better but us. i love you

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