Monday, August 09, 2010

i wonder which is better? you trusting them or me? sigh. just kill me would you. it just hurts when you rather trust other ppl. what's left since there's no more trust and believe and just doubts all over? what more can i say or do? atleast now i do know what your level of trust and believe you have in me! when i asked you to tell me about it , you wouldnt't . like wth ! i deserve to know about it. and fight for my rights.. do you want me find out about who and what myself?? you know when i do it ain't gonna sound good then. but fine i'll close one eye like how you do things. things are just not the same. i know im no more chikaboo to you . you can tell it straight to myself . i know your friends and cousin tells you to leave. and its just a matter of time i suppose. i have flaws not as perfect as you . you're wanting to leave but idk whats holding you back. you fake smile and act like nothing is wrong but you cant fool me girl . you never can. i know you well enough to know things isn't right. when you didnt let me clear things up . we know that you are hiding something else also but yet i just kept quiet. things are not the same anymore and there's doubts that it'll be how it use to be. do you love me? you do? you don't? hmm. bet you dont know.

p/s if things like that happened in ns and you rather listen to other ppl and not me, i have nothing better to say . thanks for trusting me. great .

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