Monday, March 15, 2010

i dont know whats going on

i see your blog but i dont know whats going on. there's like so many things going on in your life which i dont know. your hiding stuffs from me aye . everytime i read your blog its like what she's talking about how come i don't get to figure it out. i see all the posts and i still cant figure out . you promised me not to curse anymore but look even more and more is coming out. i dont know what else i can say. dont use the word yang on me cause its not for me and you know what i mean. im not ignoring you or anything if you think so . your cousin told me your asleep i think as she replied one text with your phone. hmmm . fine i told myself and waited. but then after few hours till dinner time still no reply . great i've chucked my phone at home and im out now. there's no point taking my bloody phone out when there's no use. hmm. i dont know why are you not telling me stuffs and all. yeah i just saw your latest post. i know your gonna be moody for today .and sorry i cant be there for you cause i feel lost reading your post like im not part of your life anymore or something like that. yeah you can call me a MOTHER FUCKER OR IDIOTIC SHIT OR LAME SHIT OR CHILDISH i got my reasons too. im not revenging or anything. you got many ppl to cheer you up or so. me not around doesnt even matter since you can CURSE about me so bloody much. you kept saying FML FML FML you might see i dont give shit . BUT i dont know why your saying so . thats why i rather keep quiet and not ask. cause you've not been telling me anything or updating me willingly. if im suppose to beg and annoy you by asking. thats not how we were suppose to be in this relationship! remember i said no secrets between us??? seems like there is now YANG. maybe its not you supposing to say FML maybe its meant to be mine to say. FUCK MY LIFE! lost in this relationship is just.. WOW excellent!?! HA HA HA. damn it .

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