Monday, March 15, 2010


you dont curse infront of me? is that a joke or what. what she texted me? all she said was you said im ignoring you and it gik you. thats all she said. sadly but yeah i didnt see your text. i was too impatient i chucked it on the bed and left my room. yeah friends i suppose huh. say as you wish do as you like. what am i hiding from you??? tell me what am i hiding from you. so hard to say things out to me? what are you actually trying to tell me. be frank ! oh now im treated as a close friend. excellent. not the right time till i find out its something bad then what happens you tell me. yeah describe it the way you like childish then shall be it. ignore then. simply judge or not you know whats going on and i dont . yeah i broke my promise i know . like how you broke promises with me if you notice...

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