Friday, May 13, 2011

Why are things getting out of control and best part cold ? A minor question can jump straight into a brawl of words? Things started evolving when you moved there . Where do I actually stand inside you? Am I still a priority? The only one? How come things seemed so different since you left? Sigh. I questioned I asked but no outcome . I still do "stalk" you and you tell people that your homesick and all , but to me? Nope you don't . Am I invisible? Am I meaningless? Well with this I got the rights to be selfish. There's more but I want you to do the thinking . Why when I speak to you gently and nicely you've to answer me fiercely and cold? What have I done to deserve all these? If I don't love you, I wont ask so much. I know its irritating but I truely deserve to know. Your words burnt my heart I admit. I never said that the relationship will be smooth . I remember telling this to you that it'll be bumpy and rocky. I said out clearly that it takes TWO TO CLAP but when I try to reach you, you pull back your palm. Why? You said I get jealous easily, then deal with it. I have the rights to be jealous cause I LOVE YOU FUCKING MUCH. Where do I stand seriously. This cannot , that cannot what else? You kept saying I didnt put myself in your shoes, tried mine yet? When you dont tell me things and just suddenly shoot them all out all in a blue? Once again, where do I stand? Why couldn't you just FORGET all the reasons why it wont work and BELIEVE THE ONLY REASON WHY IT WILL? Do you remember the days where we said that NOTHING CAN CHANGE US? Im not giving up but if you do read this, please please please do try to understand what Im trying to tell you. If Im a burden , do voice out. I'll know what to do. I just wanna fix things. Seeing you achieve happiness will make me happy. I love you so much , tell me how you want things to be.






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