Saturday, November 27, 2010

after everything we've been thru. and for what happened this is the way it is isnt it. i grant your wish. there wont be me anymore after tonight. i hope your reading this right now. take care of yourself and tell my parents i love them . im sorry but yeah its have to be this way no one to blame not you not me. guess your right. i suck not good enough and all. tonight i'll make sure im as happy as ever i can be cause its gonna be the end of me. things for us i cherish and hope i rmb when im far far away. you didnt get what i mean when i said im your guardian angel but now you will. =) a stripe of 12 in here with me . temporary loses everything so yeah i duwanna face it. i cant accept the fact i admit. call me stupid call me idiotic but yeh. you should know i dont agree for the not talking till when you decided but yeah you see it in a different point of view so i cant say anything. you decided not to reply i decided to take the risk. its not the i dont need you thing which matters now. its the to prove . reading back your text for one last time to try rmb it later on. lastly goodbye

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