Friday, September 17, 2010


i lie awake here again . bodies feeling paralysed. yes im sleepy but i dont wanna sleep. im hopelessly waiting for you to text me but i know its not gonna happen. like hello look at the bloody time its 3.57 am! giving myself false hope to put the smile on me. no goodnight text not a single word from you. what does this mean? anyone out there to answer this?? i know your having hard times i know your difficult like your gasping for air but there's hardly. please let the past go. i know its hard. i've been there i know how it feels but if you dont let go , we wont get a smooth relationship. let it go. learn from mistakes like how i did. be a better person. you know im gonna tolerate you no matter how or what right. i love you so damn much do you know that. i'm patiently waiting here for you i might not text you or call you or anything else.but i think deep inside you , you know im waiting. arguements is what im gonna avoid. i think of you all the time. even when i was out with justin then julia. i dont show it but i know it. hmm. i pray that your okay and getting stronger. i suppose your gonna say that you dont know how to face me or speak to me. after whats been in your head. but baby , you forgived me be4 and i vowed not to do it again , so i promised you. now its your turn. it was hard to accept and forgive but i had to simple enough because i love you. i really do. who's gonna love me like you do if you walk away from me? would i continue living ? or should i fml when your gone? i pray that tmr is a better day ahead. there's nothing more i can say for now .goodbye but not goodnight yet. but to michelle lee. goodnight sweetest dreams. love you loads.

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