Wednesday, September 08, 2010

i dont know whats wrong with myself. i know im weird. i know im quiet. i know im different. lets say im just not normal. im sitting here thinking about youu. thinking bout how im gonna do without you in my life and how i would be. i think i wont get by . aint go any days. just lonely nights . infact girl i wont be alright and feel outta place and outta time. i think im gonna lose my mind. babyy, do you dream of me at night? like how i dream of you all the time. i miss your face. i miss your kiss, i even miss the arguements thata we have from time to time. i miss you standing by my side. there isn't you god knows there isn't me. you know when im lonesome and cries when we're sad. up in the good times and down in the bad. whenever im discouraged , she just knows what to do. michelle lee honey bear =) i miss youuu

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