Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so near yet so far

hmm. its 11.40am right now and im at work. i miss you baby girl =\
i promise that you'll never be alone .
this house will always be your home and our hearts will always beat as one as long as i can breathe i swear . i promise that i will never let you down be strong for you, i'll always be around look into my eyes you'll see that we were meant to be together this love of ours was sent from up above . together i know that we could touch the sky nothing ever felt so right. there's something that you really gotta know i'm with you till the end of the road . i'll never let you go . i swear i've never felt like this before cause everyday i love you more and more . you lift me up so high, i look into your eyes i see forever . through the fire we could hold each other up . i'll be your shelter cause the storms are gonna come so don't worry anymore cause this is no ordinary love and this i promise you girl i'll be there. Michelle lee jia - hui this i promise you.

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