Sunday, August 15, 2010

moments about you (:

As I sail with you across the finest oceans , onn our way to find the key to our emotions.
Together we will move the clouds to brighter days.
Some people question what I say tried to break up you and me
But I know this love between us is growing stronger
You can call me whenever from wherever
Just remember that I'll be there
Through all the stormy weather us break up?never
No we'll be together..Forever cause i believe in YOU and I.
As I close my eyes sit back while reminiscing
Of when we used to fuss and fight but end up kissing
There may be sad and painful times along the way
But in my heart you'll always be everything and more to me
For I know this love between us is growing stronger.
For you are always on my mind
Girl you know that you , you are always forever.

before NS

during christmas

sweet seventeen =)

modelling? haha. nah in penang

little poser in jj's toilet

i forgot when was this. she's sexy. damn.

the dress i bought her for her 16th birthday

trying to be emo? haha

beatiful eyes of hers =d

this is seductive XD

michelle lee, i love you

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