Thursday, August 12, 2010

baby why do you cry and not share it with me?? today when on the phone i was actually down and thinking alot till i fell asleep. thru what i felt is that we could still have met up this week but maybe cause you wanna study for your trials thats why we didn't i understood but i was still emotionally down. why do you say life is hectic? whats wrong? what are you not telling me =\ you know im always there trying my best to make you stay strong why not try think positively darling ? (: mistakes happens easily i can also admit that i hurt you a lot too MICHELLE LEE . too many sorry?? what do you mean. see your making your own assumptions your never a failure. babyyyy , in life there's nothing easy . nothing comes packed up and simple. we will fall down hard on the ground and its courage and strength carries us back up. we have to learn from mistakes in order to grow. its like standard procedure of life. never the less sayang. i'll be there to lift back up with you. together we fall united we stand. i love you. if you say you FML then i'll FML too.

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