Monday, June 29, 2009

i realize i've been prettyy lazyyy to blog. HAHA =P
but anyways.
i went out yesterdayyyyy.was with hmm. deva for awhile, julia , justin and agnes.
we wanted to watch transformers end up watching wolfbound. its a crap show. totallyy crapp. PPL DONT WATCH WOLFBOUND! not even a peek.
we reached bought tickets and went snooker =D my favourite. wakakakaka
nothing much to say thou. just hmm.

WHAT CAN I SAY LOL. arent they one of a kind ?LOL =P

well.. i was bored =D

what i wore yest.

got home at 6 smtg. rot rot rot.
mum cooked spaghetti and yeah oh skipped school today =P too lazy la. was suppose to go at 8.30 ended up not going and watched superhero. freaking funny.

thats all.
p/s i.m.y.

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