Friday, March 20, 2009

a text from her asking. said whats with the blog, the recent post and who's it about. so i told everything. she ask what changed? i couldnt give an answer cause only she has the answer to im waiting for her reply from the last text i send only " you can tell me what happened that made you change " . her reply : i don't think i've changed. mine was maybe not entirely but partly. her's like how la. mine =\ when i find out what's the reason which made you change, i'll tell you,alright? and if you figured the answer, do tell me too. i need to know.
such emotional days in the past,now,tomorrow?
i know when there's differences between us.i just dont know what. hmm.
that distant look is in your eyes.
i thought with time you'd realize.. but its over , its over over
it's not the way i choose it to be
and something somewhere's destroyed us
as this friendship gets colder and colder .sighh
have you ever been in love?have you ever felt how far a heart can fall?
have you ever stayed up waiting for a phone call?
just to hear her say hello,just to hear we missed each other so.
have there been times we laughed,and times i really wanna cry
and when im times of doubt..have you ever tried working it out with me?
but still she leaves me here wondering what it's all about.

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