Friday, November 07, 2008

yawnn. boring day
sis is back .lol. we're gonna fight for the internet soon. just soon. hah.
i watched 007 with dan today lol. she dint dress that bad today . ngeh ngeh.
after that she had to go SOME CHURCH CAMP. LOL.she was like texting me saying how badly she doesnt wanna go and all. pity her.
anyway. i went down to parade after the movie , look for my sis. bump into soongyi with her friends then annie before going to my sis.
i followed my sis around town like...... from parade to florax , then elim church then parade. THEN yikfoong. where i got a new cap! muahahha.
OH OH . before leaving parade to florax i bump into jeanyenn and yeah she stared at me no reason i suppose. and thought that my sister was my GIRLFRIEND. hahahah like .... ? whattt??! noway XD
live is down totally down. i've not been to skewl like only once a week.
till here. will blog as much as i could i hope =)

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