Thursday, September 25, 2008

i changed my phone yesterday. AGAIN =D
hahas. today was a wasted day. i slept the whole day till i was minutes late for chem class.
and oh god. l.c tan is like going too fast superman like that. shyt i tell you. so hard. its like we dont know whats going on but we're just copying and copying and copying 0.0
sighh im still sick prolly getting worst lorh. how how how.
ohh. someone send me and email and saying about this poisoness spider. or is it spelled
spyder? hahas. i dont know. look at the pictures. tell me what you think about it. the spider 0.0

i find it gross and eww. *vomits* the spider was orginally from BRAZIL but ended up building its home at SPORE . so beware ppl . it might be surrounding you watching you from hidden distance. ngeh ngeh. actually im also afraid. but yeh what can be done. =D
i've got nothing else to blog about . its boring , tiring and lazy to so i'll end here . chaoz peeps.

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